Songs of the Bards

So, yeah.

Homestuck! A stupidly-smart webcomic for smart people.

So I mean, of course my friends and I had to play around with such a brilliant universe! Who could resist?

These three are our fantrolls, Boriel Tazzon, the tawny/orangeblood, Corcha Sorkat the purpleblood, and Roarkk Futone, the jadeblood. Boriel is mine (and is basically a Disney princess) Corcha is my friend Crystal’s (I forgot what he was a mockery of, oops!!) and Roarkk was created by my friend Lauren! (He’s basically the kind of short, squat grumpy troll who lives under bridges and demands money).
They’re all supposed to be a spoof or mockery of something, but since I’m not going into any more detail here, it’s kinda hard to tell!

Each troll was designed individually, and I just took the designs and drew them. It was fun!! :D